The Top 5 Tips for optimising emotional health to supercharge Emotional Intelligence.


Emotional health…emotions can be tricky at times and really pleasurable at others.  


The word emotion derives from the latin ‘emovere’ – move out, remove, agitate

The Oxford dictionary defines emotion as:

Disturbance of mind; mental sensation or state; instinctive feeling.


The range of emotions we can experience (sometimes all in one day let alone during our whole lifetime!) can include emotions such as: depression, anxiousness, frustration, anger, unworthiness, fear, grief, impatience, boredom, worry, doubt, irritation, overwhelm, contentment, happiness, optimism, love, appreciation, passion, joy, freedom.


Emotions helped, and continue to help, us evolve as humans by keeping us safe and enabling us to adapt to the environment.  They can bring about a feeling, a physical sensation and an action depending upon the circumstances, the environment and the conditioning we have previously experienced.


Emotions can affect our judgement – sometimes detrimentally (to the individual or the company), and sometimes to help us grow and increase success or to warn us about danger and keep us safe.  They can linger and become long-lasting or can be fleeting and very brief. 


The way we handle our emotions can be traced back to our early childhood, 0-5 years of age!


From around the age of 4 years old we begin to self-regulate our unpleasant emotions and repress them.  We also begin to adopt social norms and rules and become aware that a current feeling can be triggered by thinking about past events.


Bottling up emotions or ignoring them, repressing them or pushing them aside to be dealt with at another time can lead to more severe emotional, mental and physical health issues later down the line. 


The 11 STEPS and TOP 5 TIPS below can help pro-actively process emotions in healthy and supportive ways, and optimise resilience and emotional intelligence. 


NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing’s 11 STEPS to help emotional health and reduce stress are:


  1. Remember that absolutely everyone experiences emotions, good and bad ones regardless of who they are, what job they do, how popular they may seem and how well they may appear to have their life and themselves in order. 
  1. Recognise and understand that having emotions is absolutely part and parcel of being a human being – they are your body’s way of communicating with you
  1. It can be helpful to identify and name the emotion you are experiencing
  1. What is it that is causing the emotion to arise in you?
  1. What action is best to take to help self-regulate and move forward?  Can you swap to a more positive thought and action?


Whilst going through the 5 steps above, focus on your breathing – your inhale and exhale.   Focusing on the breath is a very healthy way to self-regulate and help process the emotion, the feeling and the energy that is surfacing.


Taking time for self-development and prioritising emotional management techniques is also very beneficial, not only for yourself (first and foremost) but for everyone that you connect with.  The remaining 6 steps can help you with this:


  1. Diarise time to quietly reflect with curiosity on how you currently manage your emotions.
  1. Become aware of your emotional response to a particular situation or thought. What is the trigger, the emotion and the current way you cope and respond or react? What ways do you self-regulate?  How do you cope – particularly with the more challenging emotions?  Journalling may help with this.
  1. Get curious with why you respond in that way?  Is it a habit?  Is it something you’ve learnt or seen others do as a way of coping? 
  1. Does your response help your overall wellbeing long-term or does it hinder it? What stories are you telling yourself?  Are they true?  Are the stories still purposeful or do you need to write a new story and change your script? 
  1. If it hinders it, what strategy can you implement to support healthy self-regulation of your emotions? Is there a positive story or affirmation or phrase you can repeat when you get ‘triggered’?
  1. Is there anything you can do to reduce the triggers?  Set better boundaries for example or increase your self-care (which never fails to help by the way)?


Finally, my 5 Top Tips to support healthy emotional self-regulation, reduce stress, increase resilience, promote balance and optimise holistic wellbeing include:


  1. Breathe – deep abdominal breaths! Focus your mind on the inhale and exhale with the palm side of your hands resting against your body (either side of your nave)l.  This can help soothe the nervous system (taking you out of fight and flight mode) and resist any spontaneous actions (or emotional outbursts or reactions) you may later regret.  It also connects you to your body, allowing you to be in the moment and present with the emotion, the feeling and then to consciously choose your next action from a more balanced state.
  1. Be active – go outside for a 10 – 15 minute walk.  Observe your surroundings and focus on feeling the soles of your feet connect with the ground during every step you take.  Or for example jump around, skip or dance.
  1. Relaxation & Sleep – take time to enjoy your favourite relaxation techniques or hobbies and fun pastimes – either alone or with friends.  Yoga Nidra is an amazing way to help your mind and body relax and reset.  Click here for a 10 minute relaxation to support optimal wellbeing.
  1. Eat nutritionally balanced meals and snacks along with hydrating fluids to support your mental health, emotional health, physical health and gut health.  The mind and body are connected through the gut-brain axis.  The health of your mind is related to the health of your gut and vice versa!
  1. Connecting with others and creating a support network can really benefit your emotional wellbeing.  Get support by talk to someone, meet up with friends, laugh, have fun.  Alternatively find someone you trust that can help you navigate your sea of emotions.


When we manage our emotions we can have more control over ourselves and feel less stressed.  This can lead to better emotional health, better mental health, better self-esteem, increased self-confidence, increased resilience, increased productivity, more time and energy, more positivity, feeling more powerful and in control of our lives, and better able to cope with an ever-changing, fast-paced world!


Our quality of life can improve, creating a ripple effect outwards and beneficially impacting all those we interact with, both at work, at home and in our local community and society as a whole.


As a Business Owner, Solopreneur, HR Director, Head of People, L&D Lead, Office Manager, Wellbeing Lead or Business Development Manager, you can learn more about how to OPTIMISE EMOTIONAL HEALTH and SUPERCHARGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in your business or your workplace, on Wednesday 6th March 2024 at our upcoming ‘REDUCE STRESS AND ACHIEVE MORE’ training.




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Colleen is passionate about helping organisations grow.  The people in any organisation are the most valuable asset!  


When your people are healthy, happy and well, your organisation is healthy, happy and well, and can soar!


She is a PSA accredited, NNA registered, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, a certified coach and a holistic wellbeing specialist.  Colleen has over 25 years of Leadership and Management experience in both the corporate and education sectors.  She provides and implements customised, holistic, wellbeing strategies for organisations and individuals, giving you a blueprint to: more time, more energy, more productivity, enhanced performance, more clarity, more focus, more calm, more health and happiness; enabling you to reduce stressors and achieve more.

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