“Stress Less” I hear you say

Ha, is she having a laugh…Does she have any idea?  It’s not like I’m choosing stress!


What if you, unknowingly, are choosing to create more stress?


I get it, it’s nearly Christmas and the overwhelm is rising and doesn’t seem to be going away. Truth be told, as business owner, you’ve not felt relaxed much at all over the last few months or the entire year for that matter.

It sort of comes with the territory of running your own business and now, added to that, you’ve also got the ‘delights’ and pressures of Christmas to contend with.

The extra biscuits, chocolates and mince pies in the office daily since Halloween ended, social engagements and parties to attend or organise, meals out, the delicious cocktails and festive themed alcoholic tipples, secret Santa, staff demands and entertaining friends and family to contend with!


Your current score – Stress & overwhelm 10, Calm & relaxed 0



How can you STRESS LESS this Christmas??



Tip 1 Take a deep breath – abdominal breathing can help you relax!  
  1. It brings fresh oxygen into the body to support all of your body’s needs.
  2. It helps with your mental health
  3. It supports your nervous system and helping it switch from fight, flight and react mode (sympathetic) to rest, digest and choose your response mode (parasympathetic).

In fact it’s so good for you I recommend doing at least 5 deep breaths whenever a new demand lands in your lap (e.g. your inbox, a text message, a request from a client, a request from a member of your team, an invite, a family issue).

Tip 2 Take a 10 minute walk outside in the fresh air 
  1. It helps you move your body and stimulate lymph flow
  2. Exercising can release endorphins which can help you feel better and enhance your mental health and your mood 🙂
  3. Take your short walk after eating it can help with digestion

I don’t mean to alarm you but…The human body is built to move! A brisk 10 minute daily walk has lots of health benefits.  It can help build stamina and increase heart health.  Sedentary lifestyles can increase the risk of Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), Diabetes Mellitus (type 2 Diabetes), Hypertension, Osteoparosis, Obesity, Depression and Anxiety [who.int, 2023).

Tip 3 Take 10 minutes for some quality relaxation time every day
  1. It helps with your mental health
  2. It helps you STRESS LESS and helps optimise nervous system health
  3. You deserve to give yourself 10 minutes of relaxation to switch off from the demands of the business and the craziness of life (and let’s face it, the craziness exceeds itself at this time of year!)

To support your quality relaxation time I advise you go and lie down (as long as you have no back issues that make lying down uncomfortable – in which case sit comfortably in a chair), place a blanket over you, click on this link, then close your eyes and follow my instructions 10 minute relaxation 

Tip 4 Take some nuts and/or seeds – how to eat the mince pies/chocolate/cake/puddings and not feel so rubbish afterwards
  1. Balancing your snacks, treats and meals can help to optimise the effect they have on your mental health, your energy levels, your body and your mood
  2. Eating protein and healthy fats with carbohydrates is the winning combination for most of us (unless you have a specific medical need or condition or medication that requires you to do otherwise).
  3. Let’s face it most of us like a delicious festive treat or two so please, please, please eat the mince pie or the chocolate if you want to BUT (health, allergy and medication permitting) have a handful of nuts or seeds with it.

*a) It’s perfectly human and normal to want to enjoy Christmas but you don’t need to eat like you’re never going to ever see or taste that great food again!  b) please, please, please DON’T starve yourself before going out for a meal as this will make you more likely to overindulge AND c) DON’T self-sabotage afterwards by shaming yourself or blaming yourself for what you’ve eaten – give your inner critic a Christmas break too!*

Tip 5 Take some water – how to avoid overdoing the alcohol intake!
  1. FACT – Alcohol is high in calories and SUGAR!  It WILL lead to WEIGHT GAIN (especially around the middle) and the SUGAR can lead to SHAKINESS AND a SUGAR CRASH OR ENERGY SLUMP which can lead you to eat and/or drink more.  Alcohol creates a STRESS RESPONSE in the body that can lead to LOW MOOD, ANXIETY, POOR CONCENTRATION, POOR MEMORY, POOR PERFORMANCE AT WORK.
  2. On a night out ALTERNATE alcoholic drinks for sparkling water or CHOOSE alcohol-free wines and spirits – there are some great options available now and they taste equally as good but come without the hangover!
  3. If you really don’t want to drink but feel ‘peer pressure’ to do so, you can always nominate yourself to drive, or say you’ve got to drive later on, or you’ve got to do something that needs you to be sober (if you’re not a driver).

*The recommended alcohol limit based on Government Guidelines is 14 units a week for both men and women.  A bottle of wine is approximately 10 units depending on the strength of the wine. The Drink Aware website is really helpful if you would like some further information.*

ULTIMATE TIP – DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU! (As long as you’re not harming anyone or doing anything illegal)


NOW, FINALLY, for those of you reading this who celebrate Christmas, I hope have a wonderful time!


REGARDLESS of whether you celebrate or not, you deserve rest so do your best to take time for you.  If your business demands you work over the holidays please find the time to take some breaks and to rest.


The health of your business depends on you being healthy and well too!  


Taking time out for you is not ‘selfish’ it’s ‘SELF CARE’!


Merry Christmas All and all the very best for a wonderful, KPI smashing 2024!



PS Your new score will then be – Stress & overwhelm 0, Calm & relaxed 10


PPS For specialist support regarding mental health, stress management and presenteeism for your employees and as part of your workplace wellbeing duty of care, please contact me. Take a look at the Corporate Wellbeing Webpage for more information about how I can help you.

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Registered address: Suite 104, The Studios, Mansell Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1QQ. Registered in England and Wales with a company no. 11671005