Seniors Gentle Yoga Class

This Yoga Class  is especially designed for senior citizens.  We focus on gentle movements and use chairs for support.  The classes aim to increase mobility and balance for senior citizens and to help keep you active into older age.  This class is suitable for complete beginners.

Colleen’s extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of movement from her previous career combined with her yoga qualifications means she can adapt the postures to suit you.  Meaning you can access the class at a level to suit you and notice how you are improving week upon week.

We regularly have a yoga social and go to The Business Retreat Boutique in Oakengates for a cuppa and a bite to eat after our class.  You are welcome to join us there to get to know the group if that’s less daunting for you initially than coming to a class.  Contact Colleen for details of the next social event.

The Seniors Gentle Yoga Class is held on Mondays at Wombridge Parish Hall, Telford, TF2 6HT.

Class details:

10.30am – 11.30am – Seniors Gentle Yoga –  We use chairs to help you with your balance and to access some of the postures.  You can opt to sit instead of stand, and also rest whenever you like.  The class focuses on breathing techniques and the essential body movements to improve your mobility and to help keep more mobile as you age.

All Yoga classes must be booked in advance.

£27.50 for 4 consecutive classes or £7.50 per class.

Click here to book your place and give yourself a guaranteed hour of fun, exercise and relaxation, among a friendly group of likeminded people.

Gift vouchers are available from as little as £7.50, and are a wonderful way of showing someone how much you appreciate them.

First Experience in Yoga

Yoga is for everyone

In 2016, yoga really helped Colleen when life got tough.

Slowly but surely, it helped her regain her flexibility, improve her balance, strengthen her core and find calm.

But most of all it has helped her find life balance, soothed her heart and helped her turn life the right way up after it got turned upside down and broken into pieces when her late husband died young from cancer.

Colleen shares her love of yoga in the hope that she can guide others to experience the many benefits it has to offer.

Yoga is one of the best ways of giving your body and mind what it needs.

Come along and experience the benefits for yourself, her class is friendly and she would love to guide you on the mat (and chair).

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Colleen teaches Kundalini Tantra yoga focusing on the power of connection with the breath and linking it to the body and the mind.  She gained her yoga teacher qualification in 2018, after being persuaded to go to a yoga class in 2016.

All yoga poses stem from the same original poses dating back to Vedic times whichever type of yoga you practice.

Kundalini yoga is part of the tantric tradition which is about expansion and transformation of the body and mind.

Kundalini Tantra yoga is systematic in its approach and takes you on a journey to connect yourself more closely to your body, mind and soul.

Colleen has also completed two specialist yoga diplomas (Yoga for Cancer, Mental Health and Illness Recovery and Yoga for Children and Children with Special Needs) in addition to her 200 hour Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.

Click here to book your place.

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Registered address: 3 Church Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire TF2 7AQ. Registered in England and Wales with a company no. 11671005